You shall find products in the market claiming to prevent theft that are based on GPS / GPRS technology. If that truly was the case, all the Government and Police departments should have by now enforced the vehicle owners to install these products. Unfortunately the claims fall flat. The GPS / GPRS technology is not meant to and cannot reliably prevent the theft.

So what all it can do — read on.

1. Effective mechanism for anti-hijacking – by sending alerts to the owner for any happenings. The action to prevent the theft, then has to be taken by the owner who was alerted in time.

2. Real Time Tracking and Recovery – Since the GPS/GPRS enables the real time tracking of your vehicle, in case of a theft or otherwise, the vehicle can be recovered very quickly on detection of theft or any other incident. Which otherwise is difficult, provided there are many places where the vehicle can be driven off after a theft.

3. Add on – Mileage monitoring – The technology enables the measurement of distance traveled, time taken, and can be efficiently used to calculate the mileage of your vehicle. Helps in planning the route, monitoring expenses and much more

4. Add on – AC Usage / Fuel Consumption – With added interfaces, the technology can help you determine and detect the over usage of AC, high fuel consumption or theft of fuel. The detection of fuel consumption requires installation of fuel sensors that needs to be calibrated for reporting accurately.

5. Add on – Security – Integrated Panic Buttons, works wonder and provide a better alerting mechanism for any unfortunate incident.

6. MIS – extensive Reports – The reports based on data collected through GPS are very useful in statistical analysis, performance monitoring, and detailed planning.

7. Additional Add-ons – Though not very core to the GPS/GPRS technology, add-ons such as IP Camera, Voice monitoring, two-way communication are all but not limited, value added functionality that can be provided

We shall further share how the technology can be put to good use in different industry segments and the retail sector.

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