Personal Safety Solutions

Our team at Dynakode comprises of professionals with strong family values and ethics. We come from diverse backgrounds and as such appreciate the need for safety and security of our loved ones.

As a result, we also understand first hand your concerns about the well-being of your near and dear ones. We understand that you worry about your kids when they go out for various activities like school, sports, coaching, hobby classes and much more.

We also know that you are concerned about your elderly trying to reach you when you are at work and may not be able to pick their calls. We do realize that there are times when your cars are chauffeur driven and you want your asset to be safe and to ensure that your driver is driving safely.

In line with above, we bring you a multi-purpose personal range of tracking products. Our team has developed some very user-friendly, customer-centric solutions to give you the extra peace of mind you need. And we aspire to be available to you, should you need the same. At the end of the day, we care!

User-Friendly Technology

At Dynakode, we take pride in keeping technology simple. Our web portal, our mobile tracking solution, SMS alerts and easy to operate hardware makes our end-to-end technology, user-friendly. All you need is either a computer, a laptop or a mobile device and access to the internet.

Irrespective of whether you’re a tech-savvy youngster, a professional who works and wants quick response time, a Lady who manages the home or a senior citizen, our technology is capable of addressing all your tracking and monitoring needs.

We’re simple that way!

Easy to install and track

Our devices are simple to install. And once installed, they are simpler to track! All our devices come with simple instruction manuals and can be easily installed / activated by yourself.

Should you face any challenges in the installation of devices in your vehicle; all you need to do is find a local automobile mechanic or our friendly technician is just a call away!

Friendly Support

We thrive on our values and we take pride in Service! For any sort of challenge you may face, our friendly customer adviser is always a phone call away.

We can be reached over the phone or over the email and our team specializes in simple, jargon-free language and is always willing to serve you with a smile. We love to go that extra mile!

SMS and Mobile Access

We make lives simpler! And, we understand that not always will you have your laptop / computer handy. There may be emergencies which may need your immediate attention.

Our customer-centric team has developed specific alerts that can be configured on SMS. You can access your account on any handset and any browser. All you need is an internet connection!

Some of our focus areas concern the safety of your people and others around your assets. Reach us if you need a solution around any of the following:-

Vehicle Tracking

To ensure that your chauffeur driven car isn’t misused, we have technology at your aid! Now you don’t need to track your driver by calling him every now and then. In fact, you can even check if your AC is being used properly if you opt to use DynaSafe.

Nor do you have to worry about over speeding and rash driving behavior. With information about your vehicle just a click away, you can now track your vehicle on the go!

Empowering Women

DynaCare is a product specially designed for your family! For the ladies who work at odd hours, for women driven by drivers, for ladies who drive their own cars and for those who take public transport; this solution comes with extra measures for your safety.

We recommend it as much as we recommend pepper sprays!

Child Tracking

At Dynakode, we believe that best applications and technology aims at empowering everyone. Including children! Whether your child is young and doesn’t yet know emergency numbers that they can call you at; or if they travel across the city for various courses, classes, and activities, we know their safety is your primary concern.

Our solutions are specifically designed to address your concerns around giving them a mobile phone, to protect them from radiation and yet enable them to reach you at a single press of a button.

Enhanced Access for the Elderly

Often times, the senior citizens in our family need to reach us urgently and are not very comfortable using hand phones or mobile phones. The ever-changing technology makes it further difficult for them.

Our products enable them to reach you much easily. They can reach you via SMS, or a dedicated, panic call. All they need to do is press the button and you’re there for them!

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