GPS Installation Needs

GPS Installation Needs

“It makes sense to have GPS installed”

There is no denying about the fact that companies / vehicle owners that have been using the GPS tracking system to track their fleets / vehicles it pays to have it. The return on investment is significant and above that it’s the peace of mind that you get, knowing your mobile assets are safe and are monitored round the clock.

If you are a fleet vehicle owner, your business gets more streamlined, with all the data on vehicle movement readily available. This helps to do better planning, better resource allocation and better management of operations. By reducing the dependency on getting the current location details from the driver to almost nil, it also automatically records the idling time, distance traveled, the route taken, stoppage points, over-speeding and much more.

How much does it cost otherwise to manage all these in an efficient manner. The costing of GPS tracking units depend upon its sensitivity, its support for advanced features, and its measurement capabilities. Dynakode GPS tracking units start from basic feature unit as low as for Rs. 5500.00 to more advanced units up to Rs. 20,000.00. With a nominal quarterly/yearly subscription, you get all the data management services, real-time tracking services, and a prompt support at your service.

The mobile and web interface allows you to locate your vehicle from any location. A daily summary report on your vehicle movement gives you the snapshot of vehicle movement on any particular day.

In the event of any unhappening, or vehicle theft you shall be thanking it to yourself for selecting to install GPS in your vehicle.

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