Why Dynakode?

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Temperament, Passion, And Best Practices are the core values exhibited by team @ Dynakode. We understand your concerns and provide a solution to meet all your needs and more. Some of the features provided by Dynakode VTS are as listed:-

Features-Real-Time GPS Tracking with Dynakode Dynakode VTS Competitors
60 sec real-time GPS Reporting Included Available or Extra Fee
Available 1min and 2min with 60sec history Included Included
View GPS Details including Time/Date, Address, Lat/Lon, Speed, and Heading Included Included
GeoFencing – Based on the Existing Trip Routes Included Hardware Limitation
GeoCorridors – Based on user defined Routes Included Not Available
3D Tracking with Google Earth
See your vehicles in 3D using DynakDesk application
Optional Not Available or Extra Fee
Live Tracking on your Cell Phone
Need Data Connection to browse on Cell
Included Not Available
StandStill – Monitoring of Ignition (Key On/Off) for Idle Time Reporting Included Not Available or Extra Fee

Alerts send to your Cell Phone or your Email

Speed Alerts
Idle Time Exceeded
Over Speed Alerts
Harsh Brake Alerts
Outside Working Hours Start
SOS Alerts

Included Not Available or Extra Fee
                Truck Activity Report
Vehicle Move / Stop times Included Included
Total Idle Time Included Not Available
Speed Alerts Included Included
Total Distance Driven Included Not Available
Export to Excel, Text, or PDF Scheduled, Automatic Report Delivery to your email Included Not Available
Carrier Tested and Approved Units Included
Rugged, Tested, and Proven Hardware Included