Technology Partners:

As technology specialists in our domain, we continue to work with some of the best partners and their state of the art technology. We take pride in working with some of the most robust hardware and our ability to further research and develop the utility of the same in the field.

Our partners make it possible for us to present to you, some of the best solutions revolving around the Location Based Services. Our partners enable us to develop scalability of our applications, the data handling capacity and the device agnostic nature of our servers. Our Mapping partners empower us to get highly accurate data.

Together we create the safer world that we envision by sharing accurate GPS enabled data with you.

eCommerce Partners:

To be able to reach you easily, we partner with some of the best eCcommerce domains. You can reach us through our various eCcommerce partners.


Dealer Partners:

Our business ethics and transparency has earned us a good reputation not just with our clients and customers, but also with our competitors. Our dealers and network partners ensure our presence in many states in India. It is because of them, that we’re able to serve you seamlessly, no matter where in India you are.

Partnership Opportunities:

As a young, dynamic and growing enterprise, we are happy to welcome more partners on the panel. We’re interested in your ideas and are very optimistic about strengthening our network to work towards a safer world.


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