What is Dynakode VTS ?


The Dynakode VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) is state of the art technology, which enables you to monitor the movement of your vehicles in real time anywhere in the world within the range of 3mts to 10mts.

The hardware units are equipped with GPS / GSM/ GPRS modules, that enables un-interrupted communication with the Dynakode server.

The unit comes with built in battery, that provides the backup of up to 6HRS in case of no external power source. Also, it is ensured that no data is lost anytime, even if the GPRS service provider network is not available at certain locations. The system is enabled with many useful value added features, that provides better fleet management, and increase in operational efficiency of your vehicles and staff.

Do I need Dynakode VTS?

Adopting the technology and using it for one’s benefit is the order of the day. This technology has been very successfully running in most of the countries across the globe. Transporters, vehicle owners, have largely benefited from the use of monitoring systems. When your vehicle leaves your premises, it is mostly dependent on the drivers, helpers and other staff for its tracking and operations.

You need this system if any of the following are your concerns–

  • Loss of vehicle and material due to theft
  • De-tour from the destined routes, causing delays
  • Frequently changing drivers of your vehicle
  • Need to know the location of vehicle anytime
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing wait time for customers and self
  • You need to control the fuel consumption of your vehicles

And many more.

Dynakode team of dedicated professionals, are always at it, innovating, improving, and enhancing the system to meet any of your needs and desires.

What more can I do with Dynakode VTS ?

The Dynakode VTS system provides all the features that are needed for tracking of movement of your vehicle.

  • Locate your vehicle in real time 24/7
  • Get alerted when vehicle moves out its destined route (Geo Fencing)
  • Get alerted when vehicle exceeds its prescribed speed (Harsh Acceleration)
  • Get alerted when there is any panic situation created within or around the vehicle
  • Get notified for arrival of vehicle within a range of destination
  • Send alerts to your staff/clients for arrival of the vehicle to their location
  • Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicle

Is there Geo-Fencing feature built into your system?

Geo-Fencing is a virtual parameter for a real world geographic area. This feature is useful for the vehicle owners whom vehicles normally ply on the same route repetitively. This alerts the owner anytime the vehicle leaves the area / route under the Geo-fence.

It is similar to fencing around your garden, and getting alerted when your pet moves out of the fence.

The Dynakode VTS comes enabled with easy to configure and set Geo-Fencing mechanism.

Do I need internet connection to monitor my vehicles?

Partially, yes. To utilize the full potential of the system, and use it for more than just tracking, you would need an internet connection. The alerts are available on mobile as well.

The good news is, Dynakode team provides training to yourself, or your assigned staff members, for the usage of the system, as many times till the complete system are understood. It is our commitment to provide you value for your investment.

How do I get the system?

You can call us anytime, or email to us, or just fill the ‘Contact Us’ form, our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. We would propose the best system based on your requirements and needs.

Do you do sample deployment, can I try first?

We have deployed sample units in our vehicles, and with permission, also in a few of our customer vehicles for demo purpose. You are free to try and get acquainted with the system. If you would like to deploy a demo system in your vehicle, please feel free to contact us, and our team will get back at the earliest.

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