Brief Introduction of Dynakode –

Technology Specialist Company – since 2010 – Founded & Led by Technocrats

Core Domain: Location Based Services (LBS)  & Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Technology Coverage: GPS, GPRS, WiFi, BLE, RFID, NFC, Cloud, Mobile Technology, IoT Sensors, OFS, ML, BI & More

Core Objective: Reduce Friction in Flow of Information between two locations

Industry Focus: BFSI, Education, Logistics, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Tourism, Environment, Sports Technology

Projects Base: Dubai, Philippines, India, Nepal, China, Australia

Group Companies:

Dynakode Technology Pvt Ltd, India,

Dynakode Sports Technology Pvt Ltd, India 

Dynakode Innovations Technology LLC, UAE


Dynakode IoT Portfolio –


Solution Components



Tracking & Monitoring Ecosystem





IoT Sensor Ecosystem

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