Your dream Car.

It was bought from your hard earned money, and it was beautiful, loved and a cherished possession. One day, you find it missing!

Your car has been stolen, it was not only a car, but your love, your passion, and something you cared for so dearly. You rush to the police station to report the theft, and what do you get. Assurance that police will do everything to trace the car and you would hopefully get it back.

But, on a second thought, can Police do everything, be realistic, understand what happens to a car when it gets stolen. Read this

Thieves of the day, are smart and are getting smarter. If you can get your car keys duplicated from any car market, what stops them from making one. Did you assume that chassis number engraved on your car can help to identify the car.

Once the car is stolen, it is driven down to some safe place, where either the chassis number is changed before being sent to far off state for resale, or the spares of the cars removed and sold in the open market. How do you see so many original spares available in the gray market.

How installing a GPS vehicle tracking system increases the chance of faster vehicle recovery –

You have got a very less window of time in your hand, say for example, it may take a thief only 4 ~ 6 hours to bring the stolen vehicle to a safe place, and another couple of hours to dismantle the spares. Effectively, you have 8~12 hours to track down the vehicle, before you get to see the spares being sold in the market the next day. How many days Police may take to reach the safe place, if it is not known to them, maybe a couple of days, and what shall they get from there even when they reach. Few spares!

The system that is installed concealed inside the vehicle and keep tracking the location of your vehicle every minute comes handy. The recent cases where Dynakode has been able to assist in the recovery of vehicles were all recovered within the same day in 4~6 hours maximum. One of the vehicles that was recovered was already parked on the dismantling platform.

There is no doubt, central locking & alarm systems, gear lock, steering lock all play an important role. These are the devices that help in the prevention of theft, but none of them is useful when it comes to the recovery of the vehicle that is stolen. The GPS tracking system is not the replacement for security systems you install in your vehicle, but is the only useful tool you have that can help you recover the vehicle that is stolen.

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