Tips for choosing a right GPS service provider in India

Tips for choosing a right GPS service provider in India

Making the right choice when it comes to the VTS and Fleet management systems can be tricky. Systems can be complicated and can contain bugs which would mean wrong information. For an example, lots of graphics could lead to screen freezing, etc. The information available in the market can be misleading, the demo versions can be complicated and the reports confusing.

As a VTS and GPS Technology specialist, I’ve often found that the best tools for any customer are tools that are simple, effective, comprehensive and not complicated. Below are three questions which, if answered properly will ensure that your GPS service provider will be able to get you the maximum advantage for your business.

Thorough Demonstration:-

One of the common tendencies observed in potential buyers is to avoid detailed questioning about and around your business. Quite a few of them become paranoid when their potential service provider asks them a lot of questions while demonstrating their VTS system.

But then that is one of the ways to ensure that your needs are matched correctly with his services and solutions. Some of the sample questions could be like:

• What is your business all about?
• What kind of consignments are transported in your business?
• Why do you want them to be tracked (what’s your end objective)?
• What else is it that you want to monitor apart from just the location?
• Is temperature, fuel costs, detours, vehicle safety, consignment stealth, vehicle maintenance, wearing and tear or driver behavior etc. also a cause of concern for you?

It is important to understand that a good service provider will always need answers to questions including but not limited to above. The simple reason is that the better he understands the concerns, the more or less features can be added to your reports, the better is the possibility of customizing the intelligence per your need.

Rental Communication:-

While I’m sure you’ve read a lot of advice about how your rental charges (if you opt for a rental model) should include endless support, endless facilities all included in the price that approach might not always be the best approach. It is imperative therefore to maintain a clear and transparent rental communication.

This is your time to ask questions! Ask as many as you want! Some of the questions you might want to ask could be:
• What is the committed SLA?
• How long is the warranty period?
• What is the regular maintenance cycle?
• Is the maintenance support proactive or on request?
• What kind of reports do they provide?
• Do they provide mobile tracking?
• Any other questions related to your specific needs.

As a professional I always recommend honest stating of needs. The worse that could happen with me is that my quotation might be higher than my competitor, and one of the clients might not hire me. However, when I finally work with a client, there is an assurance that my scope of work will be well defined and that I will be able to keep my client happy with the quality and excellence of the defined scope of work.

Strong Customer Support and Easy Account Closure:-

A common problem that is faced with Vehicle Tracking Companies in India is that while their costs are low, the after sales support and account closure can be very tricky. Most do not offer proactive maintenance. And account closure could lead to penalties or closure charges, especially in the rental model.

Before you finalize which GPS Service provider do you want to purchase / rent services, devices and solutions from, the best solution will be to discuss with them in detail and listen to what their vision to business and strategy is. That will help you make a better choice for sure!

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