Use of GPS tracker with RFID for School Buses

Use of GPS tracker with RFID for School Buses

Very recently during one of my meetings with a Director of the esteemed school in Delhi / NCR, I was provided with an interesting case.

A concerned father after leaving her daughter at the bus stop, would silently follow the bus to the school, and make sure that his daughter actually boarded the bus, and enters the school. While in the late afternoon would again do the similar monitoring.

This appears to be an extreme case, but it is on the rise. Parents are concerned, if their child is actually going to the school, and not bunking the school to go out with the friends. Besides, imagine a scenario – Child left from home, but did not board the school bus, does parents know about this, does school knows about this.

What would parents do if they actually come to know?

How would school ensure that parents are in knowing how of the where about of their child?

Agreeing to this, some schools have adopted an Attendance management system, that sends back to parents an SMS stating their child presence or absence from school. And that is done when a child has actually entered the school. For most of parents like us, the school responsibility starts from the point the child has boarded the school provided transportation.

Technology at help again. Dynakode has developed an integrated solution, that combines the power of GPS and RFID together. An RFID reader is installed in each bus, which is connected to the GPS system, reporting its location at regular interval.


The RFID reader is installed near the School bus gate, as soon as the child boards the bus, the RFID reader detects the RFID Tag enabled ID card of the child and reports back to the school with the location data. The School now has a record of which child boarded the bus at what location and at what time.

This information can be relayed back to the parents over a mobile app, SMS, or any other means. Similarly, in the afternoon, while leaving the bus, the child ID card is read and updated on the central monitoring server. Hence, we now have the information on location and time when the child boarded off the bus. A very useful information tool appreciated mostly by the concerned parents.

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Also known as:-

  • School Bus GPS & RFID Solution
  • School Bus Attendance System

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