Recovery of a Stolen Bolero

Recovery of a Stolen Bolero

The vehicle was recovered using the Dynakode vehicle tracking systems

Please note:- (The name & address of the customer is changed respecting the privacy of the customer, all other content is truly accountable. This is one of the most similar cases, among many where the vehicle was recovered using the Dynakode vehicle tracking system )

Location : Faridabad, Haryana
Make of Vehicle: Mahindra Bolero

Date and Time of theft: 22 May, 2:30 AM
Place of theft : From parking in front of Showroom
Date and Time of detection of theft: 22 May, 6:45 AM

It was an early morning call at our office from one of our valued customers, seeking assistance in tracking one of their car, Bolero. The vehicle was assumed to be stolen from the front of their showroom and was found missing by the office staff. Dynakode team immediately sprung into action and started monitoring the location and other parameters of the reported vehicle.

In no time, we had local police ready with its team to track the vehicle, since they were conveyed the exact location and movement details of the vehicle. Our support team from their earlier experiences suggested the police team to take another vehicle with them fitted with the tracking device, and their request was accepted.

It was now 8:15 AM already, and our support team started giving directions to the Police vehicle fitted with the GPS tracking unit temporarily. The thieves appeared to have got the information that they were being followed up but were unaware that their location was also being tracked. They took the vehicle the road and pressed the accelerator towards the village on the outskirts of Palwal district.

By 10:00 AM Police vehicle and the Bolero were at some 2 km difference and the chase was picking up. Unaware of the fact, that Bolero had the GPS tracking unit installed, the thieves took the vehicle into a dense village and parked it inside a workshop. After the Dynakode team guided them within the 500 meters of the exact location of Bolero, Police personnel took over. They were in civil clothes and rounded up the area.

By 12:30 PM, we could observe the movement in Bolero, and got the call from Police personnel that the vehicle has been recovered and it’s been brought back to the station for completion of formalities. Our customer was delighted and so was our team. In less than 6 hours we were able to get the vehicle not only recovered, but on its way back to the rightful owner.

Had there been a delay in locating and tracking the vehicle, the Bolero would by then have been completely dismantled and spares sent across different gray markets.

A small investment on GPS tracking and it saved valuable time, efforts and ultimately the vehicle.

There are many ways of working out ROI for installation of GPS tracking system. We shall in our next few articles discuss over the same.

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