GPS Tracking System for school buses

GPS Tracking System

A delight for Parents and Operations Staff – Case Study

Exactly at 7:15AM in the morning, I leave my house with my daughter school bag in one hand, and a water bottle. And, we don’t want to be late, lest we miss the bus. Again at 1:30PM in the afternoon, my wife has to be there at the bus stop to pick my daughter back. This has become a daily routine for us.

” At times when the bus is late, or if it appears that we are late, the first thing to do is to call School / Helper in the school bus and ask for the location of the bus. Sometimes School doesn’t have an answer why the bus is late, or helper is not able to take the call. And, suddenly panic button is pressed with calls to everyone. A very common scenario for the parents whose ward are using the transport facility from the school.

At School

The phone never stops ringing, imagine you have got 12 buses with 30 students in each, and you get frantic calls every morning / afternoon trying to find out the location of the bus. Howsoever you prepare your route charts there is something that still misses out, and since you do not have data in hand to verify, you base your calculations on the feedback from the helper / driver of the bus.

The scenario completely changes once you have a GPS/GPRS tracking system installed in your school bus. Once the system is installed, your staff gets the real time updates on the movement of your school buses and their current location. Not limited to that, you also get to know more about driving behavior on these buses, and you got all the data with you to analyze and optimize the routes. It could still get better if you get RFID-based ID cards to be swiped or shown to a reader while boarding or de-boarding the bus. That would update your central
System with details and can be integrated with attendance system. The ROI can be calculated based on saving fuel costs, saved time and need of more staff to manage the fleets, besides a better upkeep of the fleet.

You can define GeoFences on the stops and get alerted at what time bus reaches and how much is the variation from stipulated time, to support your optimization of routes.

In the case of a breakdown, the driver can alert the authorities with the bus current location about the incident, and a prompt roadside assistance can be provided.

Dynakode – GPS Tracking System

The system provides a mobile interface for parents, wherein they can check the current location of the bus that is supposed to come in to pick or drop their ward. With all the contact information updated on the system, Parents always have the latest information on whom to contact, if there’s a need to.

With the GPS/GPRS tracking system installed, the scenario changes. I need to check on my phone the current location of the bus, and ETA on my stop. Now I can reach the bus stop in time, and need not wait there for long for the bus to arrive. In the afternoon, my wife can check on her mobile the ETA of the bus, and can accordingly reach the bus stop.

School operations staff, have the live view of the current location of all the buses, and if any of it requires assistance. Management is happy to get concise reports on the movements and driving behavior, if need be. The reports also help in optimizing the routes and plan better management. The technology can provide more add-ons and the solution can be tailor made as per the requirements. Please feel free to post to us your requirements and we shall prepare the best technology solution for your needs.

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