Identifying the theft material using GPS trackers from vehicles

Identifying the theft material using GPS trackers from vehicles

This was the first time we encountered such an issue, but it is definitely worth noting.

Our client is a manufacturing company producing high-quality corrugated boards. These are transferred from their manufacturing units to the warehouses and client location using the company owned vehicles and at time market hired vehicles. At times, customers had raised the concerns on the quantity of product delivered to them even though the dispatch manager did not find any error in the warehouse or the weigh Challans of the vehicles used.

Some couple of months back, owing to other requirements of tracking and monitoring the company owned vehicles, Dynakode GPS / AVTS system was contracted and installed in these vehicles. The Dynakode tracking platform sends daily automated reports for every 15-minute interval with location, speed, and stop duration to registered email addresses every midnight. On scrutinizing these reports for a week or so, an interesting fact came to light.

Most of the vehicles were taking a detour after leaving the warehouse to some location off the highway, and would stay there for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. These vehicles wouldn’t stop on their way back, but only when the trip originated from the warehouse. The manager informed the owners, and all the reports were monitored for one more week to establish the relation.

The realization that something not good came, when it was found that most of the loaded vehicles would stop at a shop and offload some of the stuff on every trip to make extra money for Drivers and the shop owner. The action taken was immediate and strict, plugging in the loop.

The customer concerns were not unfounded, in fact, after deployment of Dynakode vehicle tracking system one of the loop hole that could have never been identified otherwise was easily detected and with enough proof. The client was able to save the reputation and a long earned name in the market. The returns on investment in deploying Dynakode VTS were realized in first a few weeks of deployment itself.

We were delighted to know, how even our automated daily reports can save the day for our customers.


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