GPS Tracking System for Public Transport

0912busesGPS Tracking System for Public Transport Vehicles

With rising fuel prices, and ever increasing traffic on the roads, the objective of any Government remains to provide an efficient public transport system, that can cater to the needs of citizens. People still prefer to use a private vehicle over the public transport system owing to the reason that they do not know the public vehicle scheduling information and its arrival timing at any predefined bus stops. It is possible to motivate people to use public transport if the scheduling information and arrival times on different predefined stops can be provided on different channels.

Dynakode provides a GPS/GPRS tracking system for Public Transport system where the current location and ETA of any vehicle on any predefined bus stop can be determined and information can be either displayed on the stops or provided to people in general over different channels. Say – Mobile Web Page, SMS, or Transport website.

Knowing in advance the expected arrival times of a bus / other public vehicles can really motivate people in general, to use the service instead of taking out personal vehicle. With the system in place, the transport department can also plan its route in more efficient and effective manner depending upon demand and supply in any particular region in a given time slot.

Salient Features:-

  • Estimate and display arrival times of Buses at different predefined stops
  • Provide Road Side Assistance in the event of breakdown by a bus
  • Reduce waiting times at Bus Stops
  • Multiple Channel information system in Real Time
  • Optional Passenger Information Displays on bus stops
  • Optional vehicle diagnostic support
  • Optional fuel level based on in-vehicle readings

There is a lot that can be and should be done to make our public transport system a preferred mode of traveling.

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