Fleet Management System

A sleek and small model, DynaFleet is one of the tried and tested vehicle tracking devices. It can be installed in the shelters or dashboards in cars and trucks and has multiple features that appeal to the customers. It is accessorized with an SOS / Panic Button, a Tele-cut off mechanism and a voice monitoring mechanism.

DynaFleet is a device with an objective of achieving:

  • Vehicle Security – Ensure safety of your vehicle by tracking it and using the tele cutoff feature. In the case of vehicle theft, chances of recovering your vehicle will be way higher if it can be tracked.
  • Vehicle Tracking – If your vehicles are driven commercially by members of your staff, or your car is driven by your chauffeur, vehicle tracking will enable you to monitor any unauthorized movement of the vehicle. To aid this, there are software features like Geozoning, Geofencing, SMS alerts, daily emails and reports.

  • Logistics Management – If you’re a transporter or into logistics industry, having GPS enabled devices gives you the extra credibility that your client asks for. You do not have to call drivers to track where your freight is and being aware of your vehicle locations, always helps you plan your loading, unloading timings better and if planned properly, can actually save up to 20 % operational time per trip.

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring – whether or not your driver exceeds a certain speed, or whether they spend more idle time than necessary, you can actually find the details about the Kms, speed, idle time via system generated reports and use this information further to analyze and control driver behavior.
Dimensions 90 (L)×52 (W)×15 (H) mm
Weight 96 g
Operating Temperature -25℃- 60℃
Operating Humidity 5 % to 95 % non-condensing
Working Voltage /Current  9-36 V DC / 90 mA
LED Indicator 3 LEDs; Green – GSM, Blue – GPS and Red – Power
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
GSM Antenna Built – in quad band
GPRS TCP / IP build – in GSM Module, Class12
GPS MT3326
GPS Channels 20
GPS Antenna Built – in GPS high gain ceramics patch antenna.
Tracking Sensitivity -159 dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity -144 dBm
Locating Time Cost Hot start: <2 sec(open sky)
Cold start: < 38 sec(open sky)
Warm start: <15 sec
Battery Monitoring Range 3.7 VDC/450 mAh


DynaFleet is supplied with the following accessories:

  • Power Cable to connect the device with your vehicle and start tracking
  • Panic Alarm Button / SOS button to enable the raising of any alerts if required.
  • Remote voice monitoring mechanism in the form of device compatible microphone.

The Components Enable:

  • Real-time tracking and location monitoring – you can track your vehicle for its latest location on a dedicated platform. The real-time location tracking makes you confident about the safety of your vehicle.
  • Tele-cutoff (Electricity / petrol) – This function enables you to cut off the fuel supply
  • Panic / SOS alarm
  • Voice monitoring
  • Geofencing

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