Digital Identity theft is a serious security threat to the enterprise and end users alike. Organizations need to know who’s accessing their data and ensure that users are who they claim to be.

Digital Identity Theft is one of the most severe security threat in today’s connected world, owing to its manifold repercussions. This has always posed a challenge in launching of value added services, providing access to information and resources to users. Many a times, a weak identity management system places the entire organization and its clients at a huge amount of risk.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, making services available on mobile and creating a connected ecosystem has gained a lot of ground. With that, identifying the recipient and service provider too has become critical. With several applications accessed using the same mobile device, creating a different interface, or even an authentication mechanism would create a deterrence in adaptability and efficiency of application.

Dynakode with its expertise in managing huge databases of uniquely identified connected devices, and managing data from these, scaled up and introduced Dynakode Mobile Identity Management solution – An end-to-end product that provides a common interface to all application to identify a mobile device and services level available to it. A secure, scalable, and extensible Mobile Identity Management platform.

Understandably, it certainly make much larger sense in on-boarding most of the customer centric services on mobile devices not only to make them scale but also reduce cost and enhance efficiency. Identifying a mobile device by any application and setting up service level in accordance has always taken a lot of development effort. With Dynakode MIM, the challenge is handled smoothly.

With Dynakode MIM platform, applications can Push or Pull device authentication/authorization request from a centrally managed platform and be assured of accurate and current identity information.

In its current implementation Banks have in place the contact servers that stores the mobile number information linked to its customers. Different applications utilizes this information, and most of the times the information gets duplicated, modified and stored redundantly in application storage engines. This results in a mismatch and effects the delivery of services to the customers. This is mostly done to reduce the response time to the customer, but then it leads to complications. Multiple identifiers for customers are maintained as per the requirement of an application.

For example, in a typical banking scenario, the common applications using Mobile device as part of its service delivery channel would be

  • Customers CASA Account details
  • Debit Card Details
  • Credit Card Details
  • Loan Details
  • Wallet Details
  • Multi Currency Card and Travel Currency Card ( TCDC )
  • Transaction Alert System
  • Customers Mobile number and MMID
  • PAN Number and Aadhaar Number linking with Customer Id

Addressing the response time needs, data security needs, and scalability, Dynakode Mobile Identity Management solution makes the service delivery more reliable, accurate and precise to the intended recipients. The enhanced security and audit mechanism provides the best of security implementation for banking applications.

The software is offered as pay per use hosted solution, on-site implementation, with limited and perpetual licenses. Contact us today with your problem statement and experience Dynakode MIM, the most reliable mobile identity management solution.

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