GPS Working :-

Vehicle Tracking Systems, also known as GPS Vehicle Tracking System, GPS Tracking or Satellite Tracking is a major part of many location-based solutions. GPS Vehicle Tracking is technology which enables the user to remotely locate and track the movements, status and behaviour of cars, vans or heavy goods lorries.

This is typically achieved through a combination of a GPS tracking device and a method of returning the vehicle location data to the user. The GPS tracking data is then transformed into useful information, through the use of an electronic digital mapping display and management reporting tools made available via a website.

The vehicle location is typically captured using a GPS receiver in the tracking device. The tracking device is most often hardware installed in the vehicle; connected to the ignition switch, battery and antennae. The typical tracking hardware for a fleet management solution uses GPS to pinpoint its location and then updates are transmitted, by GPRS at a regular timed interval, to the Dynakode servers. The vehicle location data is made available for viewing, via a website, accessed over the internet, where fleet activity can be viewed live or historically using digital maps and reports.